Who am I?

Hello everyone,

I am a nineteen year old girl named Karina Hernandez. I was born in Jacksonville, North Carolina due to my father being stationed and was raised in Moreno Valley, California where my mother’s family was located. At the age of six I have gained a love for softball that provoked me to compete. I was blessed enough to be able to participate in the softball program at my college.  Life was great until one day a normal practice became the worst day of my life so far. While doing some drills where I was sliding and diving around I started getting bad stomach pains, no not cramps, these pains were 10x worse, and my back was also receiving some pain. I took some pain killers and they worked for like half an hour. I decided to finish practice with the pain. While just pulling out of my school parking lot my pain grew worse, 10 more minutes of driving home I was sitting in a puddle of blood. I had just entered the city of Moreno Valley and was about 5 minutes away from a hospital. I rushed to the hospital and was told that I was having a miscarriage. I know that miscarriages are common but they are still tragic and painful. Not only did I lose a child but I also lost my ability to compete at the collegiate level. During a game I managed to step into a hole which caused me to tear my hamstring. I continued to play the season while attending physical therapy. I learned that I would not be able to compete because my hamstring was not able to heal correctly without surgery. I decided that I would not have the surgery because it did not guarantee that I was going to be able to play. These experiences brought me closer to other moms and athletes on Facebook who have experienced the same or similar pains. Athletes that have a similar story to mine became mentors to help find a loop hole to life so I would not give up the sport that I love. My experiences in life have been life changing to me and drive for others. I have joined different groups online that I can relate to and share my story and this has given people the courage to ask for help or tell their story.  My Instagram is about me, yes I am aware that I sound coincided. Although the images are of me and my life the captions are of others. I have shared my Instagram with the groups that I have joined so when they tell their story or ask for help and when they do I would find or think of a caption to answer or ensure the person that someone is listening and that they are never alone. Social media is a huge pool of connections that gives me the ability to give advice, help others, and change lives.


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