Change and Implementation

Change means to act or instance of making or becoming different. Implement means a tool, utensil, or piece of equipment, especially as used for a particular purpose. Some confuse change for being a bad thing and most of the time it is not. Change means that one is willing to grow and develop, either as a person, or a skill. Some transitions are not easy but they are not impossible, it comes in many shapes and forms, the situation also depends on how one takes on change. An athlete can make a few changes that can help the team but also can improve themselves.

Push Harder

            I’m sure everyone has heard the saying “Learn to run when feeling the pain: then push harder”. The saying means when things get hard overcome the obstacle and then some. The harder one works the more effective and most needed that athlete becomes. Plus, their teammates see how hard they are working and works just as hard or even harder. Positive attitude and effort is contagious in a team. The team just needs its own spark.

Comparing and Confidence

Do not compare yourself to other players. It is better to be yourself then trying to be a clone of someone else. Athletes have different potentials or gifts to offer the team that others can’t. Believe that you are special and that you bring something to the team. Low confidence means small or no trust. How can one achieve anything if they don’t trust or believe in themselves?  

Appetite to Change  

Change needs to be wanted. Yes, some changes can be forced upon an athlete but wanted change is more effective to themselves and their team. If one does not want to change then there will be no permanent outcome. The drive to change and improve is also contagious.

Coaches Discipline and Consequences     

Every decision an athlete makes there will be disciplined and there will be consequences. The things coaches make you do are nothing compared to what the consequences are in life. Coaches make athletes exercise to get them guys stronger and more athletic but coaches also use these consequences to help athletes learn from your mistakes and help enforce the coach’s discipline. Coaches are not only there to teach you the game. Coaches are there to help you grow as a person. Because I believe that a good leader/teacher should be someone that you look up to. Class, respect, strength and effort are the main subjects that help one be successful in life and these subjects are practiced in sports. Everything about sports can be related to in life. The next time you have to condition for punishment just remember that at the end of the day it benefits you.


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