Myocardial Infarction

Story Time! This had to be one of the craziest and scariest experiences of my life.

On Saturday February 16, 2013 my sister turned fourteen years of age. The night before I baked a cake for my sister. I also baked a small peanut butter cake for my father to eat that night. So my father and I woke up early to get ready to go to practice and leave my sister in the house by herself with all her birthday gifts. My dad and I met my travel team at Towngate Park in Moreno Valley. Approaching for my father’s and mine worst day.

As my father spoke to the other coaches, I was starting my daily drills with my team. An hour has passed and I have done my infield and technic work all I need is my hitting, outfield, and base running then I would be able to leave. I finished my hitting in fifteen minutes then I started my outfield drills which my father was coaching. My dad looked really pale I asked him if he was ok and he said “yes” so I continued the drills but five minutes later my dad stop the drill and asked a parent to take over the drills so my dad can take a break. Which is understandable you are in the hot sun and your running who isn’t going to get tired. So my dad sat on the bench for two minutes then walked to the bathroom. While he was in the bathroom I was finishing my outfield drills that took forty-five minutes I was going to move on to my last drill that was base running but my father had not got out of the bathroom so I asked my coach if it was okay if I went to go check on him.

I got to the bathroom and I asked from the door of the bathroom if he was okay and he told me “No go get help and call your mom!” I ran from the bathroom to the field and I asked my coaches to get my dad from the bathroom as I called my mom. My mom did not answer the phone because she was at work. So when I was walking with my coaches to the bathroom my dad started walking down to the field he almost collapses twice he asked me I f I called my mom and I said “yes but she didn’t answer”. Then he said that he needed help and that he had to go to the hospital. My coaches took him to our truck and sat him down on the passenger’s seat my coaches asked if they can take him to the hospital. He said “Yes but Karina has to stay at practice”. I told my coaches no that he is not leaving by himself. The coaches started threating me saying I was wasting my dad time. So I took the keys and I was going to drive him to the hospital myself and the coaches weren’t going to stop me. My dad in pain couldn’t really talk I have not driven before in my life so my motivation to not freak out and calm down was I need to get my dad to the hospital on Iris.

Which I did I took him out the car and signed him in the emergency room. They told me five minutes so I sat him in the waiting room. Ten minutes past I asked the lady in the window she told me that she had ten people in front of him. I cursed her out and she called security on me and I showed them my dad was really pale and couldn’t breathe so they took him in quick and they sent me outside.

While I sat outside a lady was getting dropped off and it looked like her leg was swollen. This lady was in her 60s and she was a little plump so seeing her trying to limp her way into the hospital was kind of amusing. Even though it was amusing I didn’t laugh because that is the sign of disrespect my elders and I was not raised to disrespect my elders, well, besides the security guard he had it coming. She collapsed and I went to help her into the wheel chair then I pushed her to the door and I called for the lady in the front desk to help her because I wasn’t allowed in the hospital. The lady came and took her from me and I walked back to where I was sitting and I see the paramedics show up.

A group of nurses came out of the emergency room doors and my dad was on a gurney, one of the nurses came to me and told me that they called my mom and she is going to meet them at the riverside community hospital where they specialize in hearts. I asked why he was going there and why he couldn’t stay here. They told me that he is having a heart attack so they need to go get treatment quick. The nurse jumped on the ambulance and left.

Later on that afternoon, I was able to see my dad. While he was laying on the hospital bed I could help but start to cry. My uncle and my mom took me to the hallway and told me that he can’t see me cry because his heart wasn’t stable. So I decided not to go back in the room and stayed the night in the hallway. The next morning, while my sister and mom left to the cafeteria to get breakfast, I walked in the room while my dad was asleep and a nurse walked in to check on him. I asked the nurse if he was going to be okay and he responded “Yes, but he needs to keep up with his medication because that is what caused the heart attack. The diabetes caught up with him and he barely made it if he would have waited at least five more minutes he would have been dead.”  So I am not saying its right but it was a good think that I got kicked out the last hospital.

I was so happy to know that I can continue my journey with my dad by my side. As long as he keeps up with his medication he will continue to see my sister and I grow.



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