Mind- Blown TED Talk About Our School System

I was watching a TED Talk that was explaining where our education system has come from and how we use it today. Our school system has always told children that if they work hard, do well, and get a college degree that they will get a job. Well we all know that this isn’t the case now. Yes, it better to have a degree then not but that degree doesn’t guarantee a job. “The current system was designed… for a different age; [which was] the intellectual culture of the Enlightenment and economic circumstances of the Industrial Revolution.”( Ken Robinson: Changing Education Paradigms) What is Robinson trying to tell us? Is he trying to say that our school system was organized like a factory? Yes, that is exactly what he is trying to tell us. Let me go back to high school for a minute, they had bells to let you know when you were dismissed from a class and when you needed to move to the next subject. Bells in the factory let workers know when they can go to lunch or when they are dismissed from work. Schools have different buildings for different subject. Factories have different areas for different jobs. Instead of factorizing education why not try to make it broader. How? Robinson calls this idea “Divergent Thinking”. Divergent Thinking is looked down upon because schools ask a question and expect one answer. Children with divergent thinking come up with different ways to interpreting the question and the possible answers. Divergent Thinking makes educators have to think differently about human capacity [and]… get over the conception of academic, non-academic, abstract, theoretical, [and] educational and see it for what it is. A MYTH!”    

5 Things to Remember to Tell Yourself Everyday

  1. No excuses- Do not hold off or push aside because if you do you will never get it done.
  2. Self confidence
  3. Have a reason- People with a motive tend to get things done.
  4. Don’t live in the past- Its ok to reflect the past but do not let the past determine your future.
  5. Don’t Prioritize Perfection- People that try to be perfect get bummed out about that one thing that didn’t go as plan and do not see what they have achieved. Remember that perfect doesn’t exist.


Kayla’s Bedtime Story

The Unforgettable Halloween Party

                Once upon a time, in 1948 lived a sweet old midget lady named Rose. Rose lived in the same haunted castle for more than 50 years and she never left her home. Her only known companion was a black cat named Blackie.

Every year during Halloween season, Rose’s castle was the talk of the town and every year on Halloween day, there always was a terrible storm and occurred over her castle. Her front yard would be covered as a graveyard with tombstones of famous celebrities like Elvis, Marilyn Monroe, James Dean, Michael Jackson, 2Pac, Prince, and Osama Bin Laden. In addition to the celebrities, there were also tombstones of the famous Dracula, Frankenstein, Wolf Man, Mummy, and Jason from Friday the 13th. No one ever saw Miss Rose decorate her home, but it has been said that these tombstones rose from the ground the night before Halloween. If you thought that the tombstones were crazy you have no idea! Nobody ever visited Miss Rose but on Halloween there was always a hearse in front of her house with a casket in it. It had been rumored that there laid her husband’s body in that casket but no one could ever confirm if it was true or not.

Every 31st of October marked the annual Halloween celebration at Rose’s castle. Thousands of students in and out the city would attend the party to see for themselves all the horror stories that have been told about Rose and her haunted castle. Rose was an excellent host and she was always super excited about having guests in her home. She was no party pooper either, every year she would plan a bigger and better party.

This particular year in 1975, Rose decided she would have her last party and she was going go party like its 1999. Her house was full of candy for her guest; the candy included Kit Kat, Hershey, Twix, Snickers, and Rolos. She also had pizzas with all colors of M&M’s. She also was really creative with her beverages tags. The V8 drinks had been named “A Positive” and the Coca Cola “Oil”. No one seemed to drink the beverages except for Rose. In her kitchen, she had rotten carved pumpkins that she had saved throughout the years. All the pumpkins were green and slimy like the milk in the refrigerator. She had a green, moldy spicy chicken sandwich on her counter. Her blender had old and festering ketchup that had dried up and the smell in her home was horrific. Who knows how long it had been that way.

The entertainment that Rose booked was the band Aerosmith to perform, she convinced them to wear costumes of Dracula, Frankenstein, the Mummy, and Wolf Man. They played “Cryin” and the lead singer who was the Wolf Man howled his voice off. Miss Rose went crazy and almost had a heart attack.

Rose had planned her last party to be unforgettable; she had invited her boyfriend that was a teacher. His name was Mr. Miyagi. The day after the press released an exclusive article about the disappearance of all the students that attended Roses last Halloween bash. As of today, the disappearance of all those students is still an unsolved mystery. No one has yet dared to visit Rose’s Haunted House and rumor says that Rose’s house still comes alive on Halloween day.

Myocardial Infarction

Story Time! This had to be one of the craziest and scariest experiences of my life.

On Saturday February 16, 2013 my sister turned fourteen years of age. The night before I baked a cake for my sister. I also baked a small peanut butter cake for my father to eat that night. So my father and I woke up early to get ready to go to practice and leave my sister in the house by herself with all her birthday gifts. My dad and I met my travel team at Towngate Park in Moreno Valley. Approaching for my father’s and mine worst day.

As my father spoke to the other coaches, I was starting my daily drills with my team. An hour has passed and I have done my infield and technic work all I need is my hitting, outfield, and base running then I would be able to leave. I finished my hitting in fifteen minutes then I started my outfield drills which my father was coaching. My dad looked really pale I asked him if he was ok and he said “yes” so I continued the drills but five minutes later my dad stop the drill and asked a parent to take over the drills so my dad can take a break. Which is understandable you are in the hot sun and your running who isn’t going to get tired. So my dad sat on the bench for two minutes then walked to the bathroom. While he was in the bathroom I was finishing my outfield drills that took forty-five minutes I was going to move on to my last drill that was base running but my father had not got out of the bathroom so I asked my coach if it was okay if I went to go check on him.

I got to the bathroom and I asked from the door of the bathroom if he was okay and he told me “No go get help and call your mom!” I ran from the bathroom to the field and I asked my coaches to get my dad from the bathroom as I called my mom. My mom did not answer the phone because she was at work. So when I was walking with my coaches to the bathroom my dad started walking down to the field he almost collapses twice he asked me I f I called my mom and I said “yes but she didn’t answer”. Then he said that he needed help and that he had to go to the hospital. My coaches took him to our truck and sat him down on the passenger’s seat my coaches asked if they can take him to the hospital. He said “Yes but Karina has to stay at practice”. I told my coaches no that he is not leaving by himself. The coaches started threating me saying I was wasting my dad time. So I took the keys and I was going to drive him to the hospital myself and the coaches weren’t going to stop me. My dad in pain couldn’t really talk I have not driven before in my life so my motivation to not freak out and calm down was I need to get my dad to the hospital on Iris.

Which I did I took him out the car and signed him in the emergency room. They told me five minutes so I sat him in the waiting room. Ten minutes past I asked the lady in the window she told me that she had ten people in front of him. I cursed her out and she called security on me and I showed them my dad was really pale and couldn’t breathe so they took him in quick and they sent me outside.

While I sat outside a lady was getting dropped off and it looked like her leg was swollen. This lady was in her 60s and she was a little plump so seeing her trying to limp her way into the hospital was kind of amusing. Even though it was amusing I didn’t laugh because that is the sign of disrespect my elders and I was not raised to disrespect my elders, well, besides the security guard he had it coming. She collapsed and I went to help her into the wheel chair then I pushed her to the door and I called for the lady in the front desk to help her because I wasn’t allowed in the hospital. The lady came and took her from me and I walked back to where I was sitting and I see the paramedics show up.

A group of nurses came out of the emergency room doors and my dad was on a gurney, one of the nurses came to me and told me that they called my mom and she is going to meet them at the riverside community hospital where they specialize in hearts. I asked why he was going there and why he couldn’t stay here. They told me that he is having a heart attack so they need to go get treatment quick. The nurse jumped on the ambulance and left.

Later on that afternoon, I was able to see my dad. While he was laying on the hospital bed I could help but start to cry. My uncle and my mom took me to the hallway and told me that he can’t see me cry because his heart wasn’t stable. So I decided not to go back in the room and stayed the night in the hallway. The next morning, while my sister and mom left to the cafeteria to get breakfast, I walked in the room while my dad was asleep and a nurse walked in to check on him. I asked the nurse if he was going to be okay and he responded “Yes, but he needs to keep up with his medication because that is what caused the heart attack. The diabetes caught up with him and he barely made it if he would have waited at least five more minutes he would have been dead.”  So I am not saying its right but it was a good think that I got kicked out the last hospital.

I was so happy to know that I can continue my journey with my dad by my side. As long as he keeps up with his medication he will continue to see my sister and I grow.



Change and Implementation

Change means to act or instance of making or becoming different. Implement means a tool, utensil, or piece of equipment, especially as used for a particular purpose. Some confuse change for being a bad thing and most of the time it is not. Change means that one is willing to grow and develop, either as a person, or a skill. Some transitions are not easy but they are not impossible, it comes in many shapes and forms, the situation also depends on how one takes on change. An athlete can make a few changes that can help the team but also can improve themselves.

Push Harder

            I’m sure everyone has heard the saying “Learn to run when feeling the pain: then push harder”. The saying means when things get hard overcome the obstacle and then some. The harder one works the more effective and most needed that athlete becomes. Plus, their teammates see how hard they are working and works just as hard or even harder. Positive attitude and effort is contagious in a team. The team just needs its own spark.

Comparing and Confidence

Do not compare yourself to other players. It is better to be yourself then trying to be a clone of someone else. Athletes have different potentials or gifts to offer the team that others can’t. Believe that you are special and that you bring something to the team. Low confidence means small or no trust. How can one achieve anything if they don’t trust or believe in themselves?  

Appetite to Change  

Change needs to be wanted. Yes, some changes can be forced upon an athlete but wanted change is more effective to themselves and their team. If one does not want to change then there will be no permanent outcome. The drive to change and improve is also contagious.

Coaches Discipline and Consequences     

Every decision an athlete makes there will be disciplined and there will be consequences. The things coaches make you do are nothing compared to what the consequences are in life. Coaches make athletes exercise to get them guys stronger and more athletic but coaches also use these consequences to help athletes learn from your mistakes and help enforce the coach’s discipline. Coaches are not only there to teach you the game. Coaches are there to help you grow as a person. Because I believe that a good leader/teacher should be someone that you look up to. Class, respect, strength and effort are the main subjects that help one be successful in life and these subjects are practiced in sports. Everything about sports can be related to in life. The next time you have to condition for punishment just remember that at the end of the day it benefits you.


It has been one year since He has taken you. I always imagine how different life would be if you were here. I know that you would have been spoiled and loved like no other. I have read a prayer every 17th of the month because I know that you are not here physically but you are alive spiritually.   

Dear Little One…

May your little footsteps set upon a lifetime journey of love

May you wake each day with His blessings and sleep each night in His care

And as you grow older

May you always walk in his tender love

This prayer was given to my mom when she was pregnant with me. She always kept it in my room. I thought it was just for decoration until I experienced you. This tragic day replays in my head every day. You were taken from me before I even got to know of you. I never thought I would love someone I have never met. I know that you are living in paradise watching down, protecting your dad and I. I know that when the time comes we will be together again. Trust me love we wish you were here. Happy Birthday My Guardian Angel.   

True Feelings

My Best friend

You were my best friend throughout my childhood. You were my partner in crime. We would go on missions for ice cream almost every weekend. We have our own language and humor that no one really understands. We would go to hell and back for each other. Many people wanted or envied our relationship.


By the age of six things started to turn between us. Softball had now entered my life and became my get away until we decided to join a travel team. You offered to help coach and we thought that it would be the greatest idea in the world because we would end up spending more time together. You pushed me and broke me mentally and physically to the point where I didn’t want to play softball anymore. I continued so I prove to you that I really did love the game. Your method was similar to Professor Randy Pausch’s outlook on obstacles. In Pausch’s “Last Lecture” he said “The brick walls are there for a reason. The brick walls are not there to keep us out. The brick walls are there to give us a chance to show how badly we want something. Because the brick walls are there to stop the people who don’t want it badly enough. They’re there to stop the other people.” This mentality gave me the opportunity to play softball in high school and in college. During the beginning of first college season I tore my hamstring. We went to the doctors together and they told you that I tore my hamstring and that I wasn’t going to be able to play the rest of the season. Instead of letting me rest you pushed me to continue playing the season which caused me to damage my hamstring permanently. My injury became your disappointment.

Myocardial Infarction

After your episode, anger seemed to run through you like a waterfall. Your anger didn’t only show on the field but at home too. Anything said or done that you didn’t approve of for some reason was my fault. Problems at the field were “learning lessons”, you were disciplining me. Your “learning lessons” were not seen as “learning lessons” to others, your actions were abuse. I was so afraid of you and didn’t want to continue or worsen my “learning lessons” that all I would say is “ok” or “Yes Coach” and took my punishment. These “learning lessons” happened for eleven years. I REPEAT! I took your “lessons” for eleven years.

He Admires You

Everyone says that you adore me. Geez, I wish I saw it. “He says great things about you.” Really, like how dumb I am? Or how worthless I am? I’m only asking because that’s the talk we had last night. “He says that you are a great player.” OMG! No you mean how much I disappoint him because I’m the child of an almost pro and he never played as bad as I did. We had that talk twenty minutes ago.


Graduation was the turning point of my mentality. Yes, I didn’t graduate on time but I graduated. I didn’t receive a GED. I received a diploma. The fact that you didn’t go to my graduation ceremony because you were embarrassed of me shows how much you cared. My graduation should have nothing to do with you. My graduation should have been a happy moment. Instead you put your pride first and missed a memory. Then you later joke about it to family and friends and start comparing me to my cousins that should have been in my shoes.

I Don’t Think You Have Realized It Yet

I understand that I wasn’t the easiest child to raise. Yes, I messed up. Yes, I did stupid things and made dumb choices. Who doesn’t? Everyone has had their fair share of mistakes. I just don’t understand why my punishments were so often. I just had to get away from the pain you have caused me. I started to not want to come home. I’m not going to lie I still get these feelings. Just tell me, why?

My Outlook

I’m not stupid. I still go to school and I am carrying a 3.7 GPA. My professors say that I’m an emotional divergent thinker. I’m worthy and valuable. I have had many people love me, want my knowledge, wisdom, and help. I’m a role model to many. I’m not a disappointment. There is so much more for me. I just hope that when you realize this, it’s not too late.