“Here’s to You” 12/14/17

Here’s to you even though I haven’t met you yet. Here’s to you bringing me and your father closer. Without you, I don’t know where he would be but I know for sure it wouldn’t be with me. After you, he wanted to walk through the door. I told him to slow down and wait a minute more. We can still make this last we just have to agree not to move so fast. Now you are in the sky and all we want to do is fly. We are your biggest fans. We hope you understand why we can’t be there to hold your hands. I hope the angels know what they have. We hope you are happy and more alive. Here’s to you my little angel, we miss and love you.

Mommy and Daddy


The Visit from an Old Friend

One day he is going to stubble across your Instagram page and see that you are doing real well. You received that promotion. You just purchased that new car. He notices that you are smiling just like he remembers you used to do for him. Then he is going to find himself about a hundred and twenty five weeks in on your page and see that you are doing really good. He is going to try to hit you up and your number is going to be changed. He is going to try to email you and that is going to be changed too. Then he is going to show up at your old house but finds out that love doesn’t live there no more and a hater at your job is going to give him your new address and he is going to pop up there. You are going to answer the door. You are going to look at him and say “what are you doing here?” He is going to tell you “I’m here to get you back.” You are going to look him in the eye and say “It’s too late.” He is going to try to push the door open and you are going to have a pregnant stomach. When he looks at your stomach and sees your hand. He will notice that you have a ring on your finger. Your husband is going to call you from the other room. “Babe is everything alright?” You are going to respond “Yeah just an old friend.” Your husband isn’t even going to come out and bother with you because he trusts you. That is when you turn to your ex and say “It’s too late.”


It has been one year since He has taken you. I always imagine how different life would be if you were here. I know that you would have been spoiled and loved like no other. I have read a prayer every 17th of the month because I know that you are not here physically but you are alive spiritually.   

Dear Little One…

May your little footsteps set upon a lifetime journey of love

May you wake each day with His blessings and sleep each night in His care

And as you grow older

May you always walk in his tender love

This prayer was given to my mom when she was pregnant with me. She always kept it in my room. I thought it was just for decoration until I experienced you. This tragic day replays in my head every day. You were taken from me before I even got to know of you. I never thought I would love someone I have never met. I know that you are living in paradise watching down, protecting your dad and I. I know that when the time comes we will be together again. Trust me love we wish you were here. Happy Birthday My Guardian Angel.