Filtering People Out of Your Life

When people can walk away from you let them walk. You don’t need to try to talk to another person into staying with you, loving you, calling you, caring about you, coming to see you. You shouldn’t care about how wonderful they are or how attracted you are to them. You shouldn’t care about the situation you are in. when people can walk away from you let them walk because your future is never tied to anyone who leaves. YOUR FUTURE IS NEVER TIED TO ANYONE WHO LEFT. People leave because they’re not joined to you. You try to get superglue and they will not stay. LET PEOPLE GO. You got to know when people’s part in YOUR story is over so you don’t keep trying to “raise the dead”. Realist that nothing just happens. If they walk away, it’s not an accident. If you tried to make it work and it didn’t, it’s not an accident. Stop begging people to stay. Let them go.



I knew exactly what love looked like in the 7th grade even thought I have never met love before. If love have wondered into my homeroom I would have recognized him at first glance. Love wore a football jersey. Love played the piano and played all my favorite slow songs. Love wasn’t afraid to sit next to me at lunch. I know I would have been checking the wrong hallway and classrooms. But if only I could find him. When love finally showed up he wore not only a football jersey but a baseball jersey as well. Love hated eating lunch and knew nothing about my favorite slow songs. Instead every time I would try to kiss love we would realize where we were and stop because of the situation that we were both in. Love became the reason why I lied to my parents like “I’m going to spend the night at Chabela’s house”. Love had amazing rhythm on the dance floor that all the adults would have a turn to dance with him. Then love disappeared slowly like a slug crossing the street, losing parts of myself that I thought I needed. Love vanished like the magician everyone can see except me. Love stayed away for years but when love came back I didn’t recognize him. Love smelled different now and he had a broader back with different scars I didn’t recognize. Love had songs that reminded him of… someone else. So did I. We found a bench that fit us perfectly. We found jokes that made us laugh. Love is a horrible navigator but a great driver. Love is cleaner now. Turns out love shits and love cries. Love will tell me that I’m beautiful and mean it. Over and over again: when I have just woken up, been crying, don’t want to hear it, don’t believe it, when no one else tells you. Love will still think that you are beautiful. Remember that love isn’t perfect and will forget when you need to hear it most. Love isn’t who you are expecting or what you predict. There are times that love isn’t ready for you or you are not ready for love. Sometimes love shouldn’t come when he is “supposed” to or love leaves exactly when he must. So when love comes welcome him. And if love leaves turn your music up and listen to the quiet because you will never know when love is going to come knocking on your door ready to stay.  

The One Who Likes To Be Benched

I love you so much! Okay, now that is said. You are the most beautiful, smart, outgoing, free-spirited, crazy, loud, aggravating, and annoying person I ever met. I had a pleasure entering your life and becoming a big part of your life. I have shared the most important love in my life. Softball. We have shared amazing crazy and fun moments. Our car rides to my games and back home were so creative and inappropriate. Your mom catered to me and made me gain thousand more pounds and then danced them all off with me. We started claiming each other. Just to show how much our friendship has grown. Thank you for having my back and being the only real friend this past year. You are seriously the one of the few people I can be myself with. You have seen literally all sides of me and you love all of me. I honestly don’t think I can live without you bugging the hell out of me and I love you so much Montoya.

The Visit from an Old Friend

One day he is going to stubble across your Instagram page and see that you are doing real well. You received that promotion. You just purchased that new car. He notices that you are smiling just like he remembers you used to do for him. Then he is going to find himself about a hundred and twenty five weeks in on your page and see that you are doing really good. He is going to try to hit you up and your number is going to be changed. He is going to try to email you and that is going to be changed too. Then he is going to show up at your old house but finds out that love doesn’t live there no more and a hater at your job is going to give him your new address and he is going to pop up there. You are going to answer the door. You are going to look at him and say “what are you doing here?” He is going to tell you “I’m here to get you back.” You are going to look him in the eye and say “It’s too late.” He is going to try to push the door open and you are going to have a pregnant stomach. When he looks at your stomach and sees your hand. He will notice that you have a ring on your finger. Your husband is going to call you from the other room. “Babe is everything alright?” You are going to respond “Yeah just an old friend.” Your husband isn’t even going to come out and bother with you because he trusts you. That is when you turn to your ex and say “It’s too late.”

Kayla’s Bedtime Story

The Unforgettable Halloween Party

                Once upon a time, in 1948 lived a sweet old midget lady named Rose. Rose lived in the same haunted castle for more than 50 years and she never left her home. Her only known companion was a black cat named Blackie.

Every year during Halloween season, Rose’s castle was the talk of the town and every year on Halloween day, there always was a terrible storm and occurred over her castle. Her front yard would be covered as a graveyard with tombstones of famous celebrities like Elvis, Marilyn Monroe, James Dean, Michael Jackson, 2Pac, Prince, and Osama Bin Laden. In addition to the celebrities, there were also tombstones of the famous Dracula, Frankenstein, Wolf Man, Mummy, and Jason from Friday the 13th. No one ever saw Miss Rose decorate her home, but it has been said that these tombstones rose from the ground the night before Halloween. If you thought that the tombstones were crazy you have no idea! Nobody ever visited Miss Rose but on Halloween there was always a hearse in front of her house with a casket in it. It had been rumored that there laid her husband’s body in that casket but no one could ever confirm if it was true or not.

Every 31st of October marked the annual Halloween celebration at Rose’s castle. Thousands of students in and out the city would attend the party to see for themselves all the horror stories that have been told about Rose and her haunted castle. Rose was an excellent host and she was always super excited about having guests in her home. She was no party pooper either, every year she would plan a bigger and better party.

This particular year in 1975, Rose decided she would have her last party and she was going go party like its 1999. Her house was full of candy for her guest; the candy included Kit Kat, Hershey, Twix, Snickers, and Rolos. She also had pizzas with all colors of M&M’s. She also was really creative with her beverages tags. The V8 drinks had been named “A Positive” and the Coca Cola “Oil”. No one seemed to drink the beverages except for Rose. In her kitchen, she had rotten carved pumpkins that she had saved throughout the years. All the pumpkins were green and slimy like the milk in the refrigerator. She had a green, moldy spicy chicken sandwich on her counter. Her blender had old and festering ketchup that had dried up and the smell in her home was horrific. Who knows how long it had been that way.

The entertainment that Rose booked was the band Aerosmith to perform, she convinced them to wear costumes of Dracula, Frankenstein, the Mummy, and Wolf Man. They played “Cryin” and the lead singer who was the Wolf Man howled his voice off. Miss Rose went crazy and almost had a heart attack.

Rose had planned her last party to be unforgettable; she had invited her boyfriend that was a teacher. His name was Mr. Miyagi. The day after the press released an exclusive article about the disappearance of all the students that attended Roses last Halloween bash. As of today, the disappearance of all those students is still an unsolved mystery. No one has yet dared to visit Rose’s Haunted House and rumor says that Rose’s house still comes alive on Halloween day.